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How can I get involved?


Just ask your congregation leadership or the pastor of your UCC church.  Each church has it's own process for determining representatives to the North Texas Association.  Some congregations, it might be enough to just volunteer. All members of churches that are in covenant with the North Texas Association of the UCC can attend most proceedings of our meetings usually held once in the Spring and once in the Fall each year.  Take a look at the calendar to see upcoming Associatiton meetings. Clergy with standing in the association and official representatives from congregations vote during the business proceedings and the Ecclesiastical Councils of canidates for ordination.


How can I volunteer?

Many, many ways. We have several working groups and circles of practice.  No matter which area you are being called to, there is probably a working team or circle or one that is needed. Please hit the contact me for more information or contact your local pastor. The North Texas Association has a nominating committee that makes recommendations for committees to the whole meeting of the NTA churches. Please contact the chair of the nominating committee.  If you're not sure who that is speak with your pastor or contact the NTA Secretary/Registrar or contact an NTA representative through the contact form on this page.  Other ways to volunteer include being a one time volunteer for an association meeting.  Please contact the hosting church for details on how you can be of assistance.

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