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Master's Workshop Camp

The Master's Workshop Camp in Robinson, Texas is the outdoor ministry of the North Texas Association of the United Church of Christ. It was named in honor of the congregation that set aside the first financial contributions.  It holds three sessions of children's camps annually in July with each one attended by a different age group of children. The leadership for these camps is made up of paid and volunteer staff that have a strong Christian faith and a love for working with children. Each camp director brings their special gifts & talents to camp to create a great camp experience for the campers. The campers get to experience a range of activities from individual worship and Bible study time to group discussions, crafts, recreation, and cooperative living through the Home-in-the-Woods nature hikes. From the camps traditional “Johnny Appleseed” meal time prayer, the late afternoon “Vespers” worship time, to the nightly singing of “Taps”, the children are united daily in a variety of ways with basic Christian beliefs. Camping is a time for personal and spiritual growth, aimed at helping today's youth understand themselves as part of God's active and continuing creation.  For more information, visit their website at


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